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President’s Message

Firstly, let me thank all those who supported me in assuming duties as the President of the PSSL for the year 2012/13. I hereby promise to the membership that I shall commit myself best of my ability to serve the membership by mobilizing all resources to reap the best benefits for the profession of Pharmacy.

It is necessary at this moment to appreciate all those who have worked hard to achieve what PSSL is today. We have given a start to many projects and it is our duty to take forward those for the benefit of the profession.

I hope you will agree with me that the pharmacy profession is one of the noble professions in the world and it is unfortunate that we have long way to go in the professional standards in Sri Lanka. We have multi faceted issues from all aspects and careful attention and unprecedented commitment is needed in addressing those.

As the professional body housed at the apex body of the professionals OPA, we have understood our responsibility to support members in addressing their current and future professional issues. This year we have created many new structures in giving more attention to those areas. Creating Task Forces and Forum are the two main such steps that we believe will add lot of value in going forward.

Forum is a set of members proposed by the council members whom will be valuable in getting the support for council endeavors specially those who cannot come for meetings but can support from remote. We have seen an encouraging response to the move and hope will give positive results.

As we need to address many issues in hand, we have created nine task forces each led by an Ex-co member. They are namely Regulatory & Global Affairs, Continuous Professional Development, Membership Affairs, Community & Hospital Sector, Student Affairs, Education, Drug Information Centre, Publication and Website & Communication Task Forces. Main objective of such measure is to give adequate attention to individual issue and to have a firm commitment from the people who are in charge of the teams.

We will try our best to keep in touch with you as our valuable member and please keep your records updated in our databases as we will be reaching you by many media in the future. Also I take this opportunity to invite you to all events that we organize in the future as our success depends on the value that you palace on the activities we do on behalf of you.

I take this opportunity also to wish all the best to the Task Forces and the Forum for the endeavors they are embarking on and looking forward to get your fullest support as members as this is our profession and it is at an important juncture at present. Our unity for a common goal will result well respected profession both from other professions and from the public where one should be proud that he or she is a Pharmacist in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Shalutha Athauda


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